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Who are we?

The UNA is a modern fraternal society that offers a competitive range of high-quality insurance products that provide financial peace of mind.

We strive to preserve the principles of fraternalism through branch affiliations, which allow members to support each other and their communities. In addition, we aspire to preserve the American, Canadian, and Ukrainian heritages and cultures.

Please browse our website to find a wealth of information about the kinds of products, benefits, and services that we offer. Also, do not hesitate to contact us at any time, through the link found on each page, if have you questions.

A Brief History of the UNA

Supreme Assembly, 1896.

The UNA was founded in 1894, when the first wave of immigrants from Ukraine came to the United States to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. It began as a small fraternal union that was formed to primarily provide benefits for families when loved ones were claimed by mining accidents. Its other significant accomplishment was the education and enlightenment of immigrants, who required protection from exploitation, as well as assistance in adjusting to life in their new country.

Since 1894, the UNA has grown to become a large fraternal and civic organization, with a network of branches throughout the United States and Canada. It now offers a complete portfolio of high-quality, competitive products, ranging from term and permanent life plans to endowment polices and annuities.

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What is a fraternal?

A fraternal benefit society is operated solely for the benefit of its members and the profits are used to fund fraternal and community projects. It is organized around a lodge or branch system and has a representative form of government. Besides offering their members a variety of “fraternal benefits,” these unique organizations support numerous community endeavors, thereby providing individuals with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to society.

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Our Commitment to You

The UNA was formed in 1894 as a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, and organized as a fraternal insurance society united by the bond of our common Ukrainian heritage. For over a century, the Ukrainian National Association has been providing security, protection for and peace of mind for families, as well as social activities to its members. The UNA offers life insurance products for all ages, retirement and education savings programs, as well as many member benefits.

We constantly strive to offer better personalized customer service. You will develop a professional relationship with our insurance specialists, whom that you can get to know and trust. The UNA is organized around service to our members, who not only are our members, but often friends who live and work in the same communities as we do. The UNA gives you the choice to speak English or Ukrainian, and provides you with the telephone numbers and extensions that will lead you directly to a live representative.

Our professional sales agents on staff at the UNA headquarters in New Jersey, as well as our branch secretaries in the field, are committed to building a relationship of trust with each member. This personal connection with our members and our commitment to the community can make UNA a better choice for you.

Having entered our second century of service to our membership, the UNA continues to live by its motto, UNA and the Community – Partners for Life!

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Our Mission

  • Provide quality financial products and services to our members
  • Promote the principles of fraternalism
  • Preserve the Ukrainian, Ukrainian American, and Ukrainian Canadian heritages and cultures

Members of the General Assembly 2014-2018

Members of UNA General Assembly 2014-2018

  • President – Stefan Kaczaraj
  • First Vice-President – Michael Koziupa
  • Second Vice-President – Eugene Oscislawski
  • Director for Canada – Myron Groch
  • National Secretary – Christine E. Kozak
  • Treasurer – Roma Lisovich
  • Auditors
    • Gerald Tysiak
    • Wasyl Szeremeta
    • Eugene Serba
  • Advisors
    • Nicholas Fil
    • Ewhen Osidacz
    • Andrij V.R. Szul
    • Andrij Gavdanovich
    • Gloria Horbaty
    • Maya Lew
    • Julian Pishko
    • Lubov Streletsky
    • Luba Poniatyszyn Keske
    • Bohdana Puzyk
    • Luba Walchuk

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