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November 2010

At the 37th Convention of the UNA in May 2010, a new course was set for the future of the Association.  The UNA resolved to provide customers with an uncomplicated assortment of products and easy access to information.  With this in mind, the UNA analyzed its image and determined that a fresh look was needed to accompany its new perspective on customers, markets, and way of doing business.

The most noticeable herald of the updated look for the UNA is its revised logo.  While staying true to the roots of the organization and not discarding any of the vital elements that have defined the UNA for over 100 years, the new version of the logo is simplified, with cleaner lines and an updated feel.  To be consistent, the UNA has also amended its official letterhead, business cards, and all other corporate materials.

The next major development was the total revision of the UNA website.  This site has been under construction for awhile.  Besides incorporating the new look, the primary purpose of the renovation was to simplify the navigation, allowing users easy access to pertinent information.  In addition, most of the information is provided in English and Ukrainian.

This website is designed to be constantly updated with relevant information.  Therefore, please be sure to visit frequently to view the evolution of this site with the inclusion of new material and updates.